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Credentialing.  Just the mention of the word can strike fear in to the hearts of your back office staff.  Yet, credentialing can make or break a practice.  Good credentialing that is complete, accurate, and up to date means clean claims will be paid.  Bad credentialing can mean a complete stall of revenue from the associated payors, no matter how timely and accurate the billing.

If your office is struggling with a credentialing back log, or maybe just can't stand doing it any longer, The Cvikota Company can help! Our practice management staff can provide credentialing services to ease your paperwork load and insure your medical claims are paid as quickly as possible.

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"bad credentialing can mean a complete stall of revenue"

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HealthOne - A Cvikota Company, is also affiliated with the following medical billing companies: The Billing Pros and EMS Billing Pros, as well as our website development division, Webteam, Inc. HealthOne serves clients nation-wide, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Arizona, Tennessee, and Kentucky.