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Medical Coding and Compliance Program

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Medical Billing Professionals

Coding and Compliance

Practices find it almost impossible to keep up with the changes in medical coding and third-party payor requirements that directly impact their revenue cycle stream. The result is predictable: frustration, wasted resources, and costly mistakes that no practice can afford to fix.  

HealthOne is proud that we were at the leading edge of instituting corporate compliance programs long before it was an industry standard. Through proven programs and proactive approaches, we provide confidence to our clients that they are protected against abuse and fraud. Our compliance programs are stringent. We wouldn't have it any other way. At HealthOne, you can be confident that we follow the highest code of ethics. Our compliance program protocol includes:

  • Confidentiality agreements with all employees
  • Routine internal audits
  • Mandatory employee training in compliance programs Ė including regular compliance meetings
  • Regular medical coding reviews
  • Timely refunds Payment posting verification
  • Secure off-site and electronic data storage
  • Data Encryption Secure firewalls
  • HIPAA Compliance and HITECH Compliance

Our compliance program proves we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services available. All physician dictated reports are reviewed for accuracy. Routine audits are performed by in-house certified medical coders to ensure that coding errors are eliminated and maximum payment is received for services rendered. Client accounts are audited Ė from point of entry through the final payment.

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